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Surf & Turf Asparagus

“Turf” asparagus waiting to join its cousin “Surf”.

Asparagus is one of those things I discovered later in life.  And actually took a while to warm up to.  But now I look forward the them each year, knowing that eating them in season is going to make all the difference.

When I moved to BC over 8 years ago, to my outdoor-culinary delight, I discovered SEA asparagus!  How cool.  And oh so tasty, with that bit of salty sea and tangy-ness.  So when I saw them at the market, I thought I just had to have them with ‘land’ asparagus and call it Surf & Turf!

Delicious Sea “Surf” Asparagus

A few pointers for (turf) asparagus:

•     Snap of the bottom ends wherever they break – this leaves the tender parts for you, and
the tough parts for the compost.
•     Peel the larger woody stems with a veggie peeler, to avoid the stringy unchewable
•     They are fantastic with garlic oil or garlic butter, on the grill, in the oven, steamed,
cooked with eggs like in a fritatta, and tossed in a warm pasta dish.  You can even shred
them raw and add it to your salads!

I was invited to write a guest blog for a very lovely and healing woman Teresa Graham, for her website Handtohealth, Natural Solutions for Mind, Body and Soul.  Below is the article featuring the gorgeousness of Mother Earth, and why we are provided with just the right food, at just the right time.

And there’s a recipe for my favourite asparagus preparation.  This one didn’t include sea asparagus, but subsequent ones sure did!

Seeds of Wellness Article and Spring Asparagus w/ Garlic & Parmesan recipe.

Have fun perusing her site too, she has many inspiring posts of her own.

Bon appetit!

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