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Cooking Classes

To get you started in your transition to a healthier way of eating and a more vibrant lifestyle.


Wish you could serve healthy food at your next event or party, and spend more time with your guests?

Meals to Go

Fresh healthy and delicious meals to take home every week.


Ever hosted a party and found yourself in the kitchen more than with your guests?

It’s really hard to connect with your guests, and be part of the interesting conversations when you are running back and forth from the kitchen.  And the whole reason you are hosting an event may be to spend some quality time with people who mean a lot to you.  Or to celebrate a milestone or special day.

Or maybe one of your guests has some food allergies or a special diet, that you are reluctant to dabble with.  This happens to be one of my specialties.

“I have a whole host of food issues and allergies, and was really challenged in what to serve my guests for my birthday party…. it had to be dairy-free, wheat-free, egg-free, sugar-free…

Carmen came up with a menu that was inventive and delicious, and all my non-vegan friends were completely blown away. It didn’t feel like a ‘special’ diet menu. It was just amazing food, beautifully prepared and presented. The food was definitely a highlight of the party.”

~ Diane Casteel, Vancouver, BC

Do you wish you could serve healthy meals at your next event,  instead of pre-packaged appetizers?

I hear this a lot.  You feel the stress of entertaining, and don’t know what to do beyond the store-bought spinach and artichoke dip, and oven-heated chicken wings.

You are more conscious of eating healthier, but are not sure how to bring that over into dinner parties, cocktail parties, and special events.

That also happens to be a specialty of mine, one that brings me great joy.  I think it’s not only possible to have healthy festive foods, but that they often taste even better than the old standards.  I don’t know if it’s the love that I put into my cooking while I prepare it, or the bounty of food that is available once you explore outside the box of traditional entertainment food.  Maybe it’s both.

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Fall & Winter Tapas Menu


Seasonal Dinner-Party Sample Menus

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