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Cooking Classes

To get you started in your transition to a healthier way of eating and a more vibrant lifestyle.


Wish you could serve healthy food at your next event or party, and spend more time with your guests?

Meals to Go

Fresh healthy and delicious meals to take home every week.

About You . . .

A Common Story…

Maybe you’ve tried all kinds of diets, each one leaving you less sure about what is healthy.  There are so many health claims and nutrition science studies out there, that it becomes very confusing to know what is right for you.  Having so many options at your fingertips is paralyzing, because it becomes very difficult to decide which one to believe and live by.

Questions may enter your mind

What’s the best way to cook this?  Should I eat raw food?  Is juicing a good idea?  How many grams of protein should I have? Am I getting enough antioxidants?  How do I keep track of calories???  Eating then becomes a numbers game, a complicated nutrient graph, a study in reductionist food science, or worse, a major cause of stress which takes up a load of air time in your brain.

When food becomes the enemy

If you’ve decided to follow a specific diet, and then found you couldn’t live within its restrictions, you may experience guilt for having ‘failed’, leading to another hit to your self-esteem.  After a while you may even have stopped enjoying your food, and have started to look at it as the enemy, not the nourishment it was always meant to be.

Eventually you put your hands in the air, and give up, thinking you don’t have what it takes to do this ‘right’.

We are creatures of extremes… so we tend to follow very strict rules about what we ‘should’ do, or decide to follow no rules at all.  This unbalanced way of living and eating creates chaos and stress in our bodies and minds, getting us farther and farther away from that inner knowing that we have about our bodies, and nourishing whole food.

There must be another way

Somewhere along the way, you start to develop a curiosity about finding a simpler way of eating and living.  You are interested in whole foods that make you feel goodincreasing the creativity and variety of what you eat.

You would like to learn how to look into your fridge and pantry and have ideas for quick and nourishing meals, and the hands-on skills to pull it off.

You wish that thinking about food and nutrition didn’t cause stress each time you opened the fridge or entered a grocery store.  Experiencing ease and perhaps even joy in your kitchen, and letting go of calorie counting, nutrient obsession or guilt for what you’ve eaten, or are about to eat, would be a welcome change.

Having someone cater a special occasion would also be a welcome change

Perhaps you really care about the quality of food you serve to your special guests, and would really love it if someone would make it for you, because making healthy party food and displaying it in a visually stunning way is not your super-power.  And you would rather have great big belly laughs with your peeps and loved-ones than spend all your time in the kitchen.

I would love to guide you on this food-loving journey.

Here’s a little checklist for your wellness backpack:

•     You  would love useful, low-cost, time-saving tips for creating healthy meals
•     You think the time of restrictive dieting is over
•     You want to feel more vitality and have more energy
•     You can come to terms with being imperfect, and actually embrace it
•     You want to learn to love yourself through food
•     You want to serve your guests and loved-ones healthy food that was prepared with love


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