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Cooking Classes

To get you started in your transition to a healthier way of eating and a more vibrant lifestyle.


Wish you could serve healthy food at your next event or party, and spend more time with your guests?

Meals to Go

Fresh healthy and delicious meals to take home every week.


Grilled Peach & Garden Tomato Salad

Posted in Blog, Food, Fruit by Carmen

Sometimes I am reluctant to buy peaches because I have this thing where I think they’re a lot of work.  They have fuzz, they may or may not be sweet and ripe, what else can you do with them except eat them just like that…  But since having moved to BC and being able to

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Strawberries & Coconut Whipped Cream

Posted in Blog, Fruit, Summer by Carmen

I have fallen in love with strawberries all over again.  It happens every year.  I wait and wait for those local red beauties to be ripe in my area, not flown in from some greenhouse many miles away, where the insides are white and hard.  I will (sheepishly) admit, that I do have a wee

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