Carmen Daigle I worked with Federally incarcerated women  for 15 years, most recently as a Behavioural Counselor, during which time I learned so much. How to be patient and creative. How to handle crisis situations. How to apply the concepts of wellness in areas that you wouldn’t think possible. I learned about the struggles people go through to feel ok with who they are.

I learned how food is often used to control oneself, and how it can be equally used to punish or reward.

I also saw how food is used to nourish others, when that is the only thing you have to give. I experienced first-hand the struggles of eating well when you work long hours and shift work.

Why choose me to help you?

Whether it’s your struggle with food, or your passion for food, I get it.

With my degree in Psychology, certificate as a Registered Holistic Nutritionist, and training as a Personal Chef, combined with the insights gained from my past experience, helping you love yourself through food is my dream job!

I have found that I am at my absolute best when cooking. And in nature. Blissful are the days when I can do both at the same time. I have been known to use the grocery store for self-soothing…all those colours and choices! It truly does soothe my soul. That’s why I decided to quit my government job and spend my time in kitchens – mine and other people’s!


What’s my mission?

To plant the seeds of wellness that will inspire and support people
in discovering a healthy and joyful way to learn to love ourselves through food.
And to nourish the beauty of being imperfect.


I don’t believe in willpower.

I come with several years of exploration of my own personal, and often convoluted path towards health.  This is often not a smooth journey, and it can be self-esteem crushing at times. We can be so hard on ourselves, and feel like we fail on a daily basis, only to re-ignite our ‘willpower’ on Monday.  Well, I have to say I don’t fully buy into willpower, at least not on its own.  It usually leads to guilt, and that does not bring me joy.

Learning to love my imperfect self . . .  down through many layers of faulty beliefs, brings me joy.  Finding new ways to lovingly prepare nourishing food also brings me joy.

I strive to find ways for people to feel excited about eating
– without the worry of calorie counting.

My love of food has led me down this path of self-acceptance where I have re-kindled a sense of peace when eating.  I have learned to be with my body every day (sounds easy, but it’s not!), where gentleness and curiosity have replaced guilt and confusion.  I am intrigued by the value of whole food that is chosen at its seasonal peak, and if possible grown and produced locally.  And why my body likes that better.  I am constantly amazed by what I don’t know about food, and am excited to continue the exploration.

If we’re going to learn to love ourselves through food, why not buy food that’s been loved to begin with!

My favourite things:
• Farmer’s Markets!! (in case you hadn’t noticed)
• Kitchens filled with people laughing, eating, talking
• Floating on the water… preferably in a non-motorized boat of any kind
• When people smile at me on the street, and lively neighbourhoods
• Interesting music to play in the kitchen – any ideas?

You can explore the services I offer over here.  And feel free to contact me with any questions you may have.

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